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18. July 2015 By Walter Price 0

3 Reason Why Jasmine Thompson

jasmine thompsonSo tell me when you run, I want to run with you Tell me where you hide, I want to come to you Tell me where you go, I want to go there too


by Walter Price


The intrigue I find in the young internet sensation caught my ears with a track she featured on from Felix Jaehn called “Ain’t Nobody” which is a reworking of a Chaka Kahn 1983 classic which Jasmine Thompson covered couple years ago. You know the one, the one that Summer light and airy and could easily be an advert for something tasty. The updated version that would certainly be forgettable without Jasmine Thompson’s smoky and mature beyond her age vocals. No? No worries you’ll get a chance to check it here in a bit.

Before I did the Google work on Thompson I had heard her voice in the background on many occasions and even after I had a glimpse of her I was still convinced she was a young twenty something music veteran, perhaps a hard working session singer making her way up the poptacular music scenes ladder. You know à la Sheryl Crow or Lesley Duncan and then I looked her up.

Seems she’s been DIY about her career. Working social media like a seasoned pro and building a massive following on many of the popular platforms. Interesting since I had never heard of her until a couple weeks ago. Thompson has been busy filling her YouTube channel with interesting reworking of hit songs from artists who should thank this burgeoning talent for.  She’s toured with Cody Simpson (still haven’t heard his sounds) has some minor chart success and actually writes songs. What were you doing at age 14?

With a new hypnotic single “Adore” and signed to a major label (Atlantic) things seem bright for a young woman who practically did it all DIY style. Here are 3 reasons why Jasmine Thompson.


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