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…being grown-up kind of sucks, KACEY MUSGRAVES Simple Times, the film

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by Walter Price

Oh, the lackadaisical freedoms of youth. For me, whether it was going down the hill in Austin the (possibly poorly named) U-Tote-M for a handful of root beer barrel candies and a Big Red, or hitting the 7-Eleven for a game of Space Invaders, there was very little to worry about. Those latchkey times-done-gone moments are kinda what the recent Kacey Musgraves single, “simple times”, is all about.

Every day felt like Friday
Walking to the 7-Eleven
Me and all of my best friends
We were always together I remember talking on the phone all night
Didn’t know it was a simple time

Wish that I could put this game on pause
Skip this round, take the headset off
Put my lip gloss on
Kick it at the mall like there’s nothing wrong
I need to step away
If I don’t, I’m gonna go insane
‘Cause being grown-up kind of sucks
And I’m really just missing the simple times, uh-huh

But inevitably things get all complicated. Relationship highs and woes, family, work, politics, and you get the picture, have a way of messing us all up. And now, with nearly two years of a pandemic, racial and gender inequality and name your irritant, looking back at the simpler times has been a favorite pastime for many. Favorite may be too presumptuous. But what once was that molded our current selves is the foundation which we often rebuild on.

But Musgraves must’ve had something completely different in mind, visually, for this track. The East Texas-born songwriter has enlisted Bardia Zeinali to direct a Tarantino slash Park Chan-wook-esque film that, literally kickssomeass. But, since you’re on the internet pretty much all the time, you’ve probably already caught the not-like-most-Nashville-music-videos music video. If not, you can do so here, at the GTC. Join Victoria Pedretti, Princess Nokia, Symone, Musgraves, and Meg Stalter for a bonding day at the mall, in a film that lets Clueless turn Kill Bill toot sweet.

“simple times” is from the much-ballyhooed ‘star-crossed‘ LP.

KACEY MUSGRAVES simple times

Actors photo via YouTube

The film, directed by Bardia Zeinali
Starring, Jacey Musgraves
Victoria Pedretti
Princess Nokia
Meg Stalter

Written by Ian Fitchuk, Kacey Musgraves, and Daniel Tashian


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That it’s on such a deep spiritual plane of existence that it almost doesn’t even matter that you can’t be together in this realm. It’s going to live on, you know what I mean? And that it still means something really beautiful.” – K. Musgraves (Rolling Stone 2021)

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