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REAL COUNTRY SOUNDS: Joshua Hedley – “Mr. Jukebox” (single)

Joshua Hedley – Mr. Jukebox is available on iTunes.

Joshua Hedley

by Walter Price


Once in a blue moon does an artist come along that, in this modern era, that releases an album that nearly perfectly mirrors the atmospheres in which I was raised. Being the stepson of a Texas honky-tonk troubadour, I haven’t found many that can identify with the life of growing up in smokey dancehalls. Far too young to watch people fall in love, fight, drink, and fall to pieces (not particularly in that order) soundtracked by classic two-step fare coming from the tiny corner stage.

I can’t speak to traditional country artist Joshua Hedley’s upbringing, but I can truly identify with his single “Mr. Jukebox” from his album of the same name (Third Man Records). Sung from the perspective of an all too familiar honky-tonk jukebox full of the tunes that power a long night of drink and roller coasters of heartaches, dance, wins, and failures. Being an understandable metaphor for the singer on the small stage belting out the classics and watching life or lubricated versions of unfolding before their eyes.

Brillant traditional phrasing and remarkable song construction takes me back to what once was. And when a song memory-checks Webb Pierce, you know you’re listening to a real deal treat.



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