Jon-Olov Woxlin
26. December 2019 By Walter Price 0

Backyard of your mind, SINGLE: JON-OLOV WOXLIN – Nowhere to Escape

Jon-Olov Woxlin – Let It All in and Let It All Go is available @ Apple Music.

Jon-Olov Woxlin

by Walter Price

In an era that’s, by all appearances, too far back to seem real to most fans of manufactured pop music, there once was an insatiable hunger for palpable storytelling. An appetite satisfied by the great art of story-songs. Lost-in-time balladry from artists like Marty Robbins, Cash, Nelson, and Mac Davis wafting from HiFi speakers.

This is now and Swedish troubadour Jon-Olov Woxlin’s hidden gem LP, Let It All in and Let It All Go, is a living tribute to those hallowed folk sounds and that bygone era. All 13 tracks are sincere and cinematic vignettes, sometimes tongue-in-cheek, and always tactile and surprising. A true ode to the crafts of phrasing and songwriting.

Although the entire album will capture your imagination, utilize “Nowhere to Escape”, “Tangled in the Webs”, and “The Cowardly Kill of Willie Buck” as gateway tracks…and the rest will naturally follow.


Cover photo: Vangelis Kollias

All music and lyrics: Jon-Olov Woxlin
Produced by Arnold Lindberg
Back-up vocal arrangement: Agnes Åhlund (from Åkervinda)

J-O Woxlin: vocals, guitar, harmonica, banjo, violin
Anton Jonsson: drums
Björn Petersson: double bass
Erik Gunnars Risberg: steel guitar
Agnes Åhlund: vocals

Jon-Olov Woxlin

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