Loneliest Holiday
25. December 2019 By Walter Price 0

The Loneliest Holiday Song Ever: Pauline Andrès Christmas in Paris, TN

Loneliest Holiday: Pauline Andrès – “Christmas in Paris, TN” is available on iTunes.

Pauline Andrès christmas

by Walter Price


With a population someplace around 11,000 and a name synonymous with La Ville Lumière, Paris, TN is seemingly an odd place to spend a holiday alone in. Or is it.

When singer-songwriter Pauline Andrès decides to take on a subject, especially, thoughts of loneliness, anyplace ‘wrong’ becomes the right setting. “Christmas In Paris, TN” sonically sounds like it could be happy-go-lucky Christmas song, but as soon as Andrès opens her pipes, you know that not all is well this holiday season.

I felt so blue, I felt so lonesome
I couldn’t stand the sight of snow
I couldn’t take this merry cold
Despite 4 layers under my coat

I bought a ticket at the airport
To Atlanta on a flight from Frankfurt
I had no luggage of any sort
Well not the kind they check you for

Finding yourself at odds with folks and perhaps life and ending up alone in a room in a small town trying to find blame’s true home isn’t a pretty scene. But something this songwriter has always been keen on is taking the mundane, the lurking darkness of life and formulating ‘sad’ songs that, for me anyway, inspire.

It’s because of you that I find myself here
Because you ruined the best time of the year
In a little room just watching TV
Alone for Christmas, Alone in Paris
Alone for Christmas, Alone in Paris,

So, if this holiday season,you’re in that dark and lonely place, pour a drink and add this track to your Marty Stuart, George Jones, and Elvis ‘sad’ Christmas songs playlist. Stare out at the West Sandy River and have yourself a blue Paris, TN holiday…


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