Joce Reyome
12. March 2021 By Walter Price 0

…never done you wrong, JOCE REYOME – Cross My Heart

Joce Reyome – Cross My Heart is available at SoundCloud, Spotify, Bandcamp.

Joce Reyome

by Walter Price

Charlottetown PEI’s Joce Reyome has released an incredibly powerful debut single called “Cross My Heart”. A classic blues-soaked soul number that’ll have fans of late-night bar sets yearning for venues to reopen, and Reyome and her group of brilliant players booked! With hints of Tina Turner, Joplin and Ana Popovic, this track is a conversation, a promissory note of sorts. Love, leaving, trust and commitment are all woven into the song’s fabric. But as straight forward as the lyrics seem, I like to think the song could be a love letter to this songwriter’s burgeoning music career.

I’ve driven miles and miles and miles
Smoked my weight in cigarettes
I ain’t no heavy gambler baby
But I’m going all in, I’m all in tonight
You know I’d never ever cheat to you baby
Cross my heart and hope to die

Please believe me
My heart’s out on my sleeve
Please believe me
I don’t want you to leave

Now don’t lie
I have seen you lovin’
On someone else, the ultimate crime
While I’m loving you acoustically
She’s leaving you electrified
I’ve been loving you so long
You’ve taken all my time
You turned me down to zero and I’m gone
Cross my heart and hope to die
You broke my heart but I’ll be fine

However you choose to interpret this bluesy stick of dynamite, two things are certain, Joce Reyome is a voice that demands to be heard and her future is lookin’ so good. You can stream “Cross My Heart” as well as watch her cover Beyoncé’s “Halo” for Tune Inn Sessions, now at GTC:


Artist photo by Gessy Gislain

Joce Reyome
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Joce Reyome

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When I was first starting to write my own music, it was very tame and folky, just me and an acoustic guitar. I really wanted to explore other genres and started listening to some Otis Redding, Janis Joplin, Earl Hooker to feel that sound that comes from an old soul. And all of a sudden, this straight blues idea came to mind, and I said “Damn! I gotta get on this!” – J. Reyome

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