jingle bell rock
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GTC HOLIDAY CLASSIC: THE KNOW from the start + Jingle Bell Rock

The Know – Jingle Bell Rock is available on Apple Music, Spotify.

jingle bell rock

by Daniel Knowles

As far as Christmas stories go, the most recent memorable one would be Christmas 2018 which was when this whole thing began.

We’d both been pretty busy that year with work, we were like ships in the night by the time the holiday season came round and were in need of some time together.  We’d been discussing the idea of recording some songs together, just the two of us, for a while and in the middle of all the usual planning (your family’s place or mine?  etc), we excitedly realized that this was an opportunity to sack the whole damn thing off and actually make the music we’d been talking about.  

For those that don’t know, LA becomes pretty much a ghost town over the holidays, most people leave to visit family, the sun is still shining, you can drive anywhere in twenty minutes or less and there’s no lines for anything. Basically, it’s bliss and something every local should experience at least once. 

With all our friends out of state, no work to attend to, and the nearest relative 1,500 miles away we had ten days or so of concentrated time together to actually do this thing.  It was a blast, waking up, wandering into our little recording space and asking ourselves what we would want to hear then trying to make it happen with no interruptions or cares in the world.  We basically took a vacation from everything except the music.

Check out our shoegaze cover of the 1957 Bobby Helms classic, Jingle Bell Rock below.


Composed by Joseph Beal and James Boothe

The Know: Daniel Knowles / Jennifer Farmer

Band photo by Joe Rubinstein

jingle bell rock

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“The Know is a dream-pop band from Los Angeles, CA comprised of the husband and wife duo, Daniel Knowles and Jennifer Farmer. In late 2018 Knowles suggested to Farmer that instead of traveling home for the holidays (to the UK and Texas respectively) that they stay put and try to create music together, just the two of them. This would be the married couple’s gift to themselves.” – bio

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