Jiffy Marx
9. December 2020 By Walter Price 0

…watch your step, SINGLE: JIFFY MARX – She’s My Witch

Jiffy Marx – She’s My Witch is available at Bandcamp, Snappy Little Numbers, Spotify.

Jiffy Marx

by Walter Price

With one foot in the 50s, another in New York Dolls’ heyday, and a third in timeless bubble gum pop, the recent single, “She’s My Witch”, from prolific song crafter Jiffy Marx is a catchy romp. With its classic R&B bass intro to the Rolling Stones-esque pop sensibilities, this fresh track brings some summertime vibes to the forthcoming drab of winter.

Marx, which you may know from Autogramm/Hard Drugs/Blood Meridian, is a fan of taking all the best sonic bits and bobs from genres of the past and blending them into his own insanely indelible craftiness. And this one is certainly no exception. And you can get into “She’s My Witch” and its flipside, “Warning Sign”, now at the GTC.


Artist photo courtesy of Hi Point Media

She’s My Witch and Warning Sign were recorded and mixed by Mason Lowe at Aim Low, Seattle WA, September-October 2019.
Jiffy Marx: guitar, vocals, bass.
Mason Lowe: drums, vocals, bass.
Lars Swenson and Ryan Kraft: additional guitars.
Mastered by Daniel Husayn at North London Bomb Factory

Jiffy Marx

autogramm / snappy little number

On hiatus from touring and while chipping away at Autogramm’s sophomore album, Marx took a weekend to visit his pals from Seattle’s Bread & Butter. Over the course of 36 hours, they managed to drink a shit load of beer, eat a ton of peanut butter pretzels, and track Jiffy’s first solo 45rpm single. Coming November 20th on Denver’s Snappy Little Numbers Quality Audio Recordings, “She’s My Witch” b/w “Warning Sign” sounds like classic 70s more punk than Big Star and more pop than Buzzcocks.” – bio

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