Jeff Tweedy
5. December 2018 By Walter Price 0

In His Own WARM Words: Jeff Tweedy on keeping an eye on your shadow self

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Jeff Tweedy


“That image (of seeing my twin) appears in a couple of songs on the record. To me, it kind of represents this shadow self that we all have, I believe we all have, that we tend to dismiss and ignore. And I’m convinced that the more we’re able to acknowledge some of our base, or instincts, and the parts of ourselves that we don’t like as much, I feel like being able to acknowledge that and work on that is a recipe for maybe a happier life. I’m fascinated with the idea that there’s a shadow self that is actually the part that you should be a little bit more concerned about keeping an eye on.”



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The quote comes from the NPR article.

VIDEO; Filmed at The Loft in Chicago, IL., Directed, edited and produced by Mark Greenberg.


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