Evie Joy
4. December 2018 By Walter Price 0

New Single/Video: EVIE JOY – “Expiration Date” (alt-jazz / singer-songwriter)

Evie Joy – “Expiration Date” is available @ iTunes.

Evie Joy

by Walter Price


At some point in life, many of us have had one of those relationships where the emotional weight is one-sided. And if we’re smart enough, we get to the point where we say, “Fuck you, I’m done!”. And then, without warning, that funky bass groove kicks in. Head held high, moving on. Award-winning New York-based indie-pop/alt-jazz singer-songwriter Evie Joy knows the situation all too well and from personal experience, she wrote an empowering song about it. “Expiration Date”, is her fresh new single. You’ll instantly find Joy’s technical and whimsical vocal and arrangement styles are confident, alluring, and absolutely individual. And that bass? Dynamite.

Check out the Andy Hawkes directed video below

For fans of Fiona Apple, Beck, and Sara Bareilles.



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Andy Hawkes – Producer/Director/Editor
Brock Newman – Cinematographer
Kenny Davis – Music Production
Morgan Mabry – Hair and Makeup Lead
Kat Nejat – Hair and Makeup Assist
Heather LaRose – Friend/Actor
Sydney Lockhart – Friend/Actor
Ryan Cooper – Ex-boyfriend/Actor
Floral Vagina Art – Bora Chung
Katherine Thu Richter – Production Assistant


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