post pop depression review
15. March 2016 By Walter Price 0

Iggy Pop Post Pop Depression

post pop depression reviewWhere are you tonight….
by Walter Price   When I heard about Iggy Pop mulling his retirement from the rock n roll circus I was understanding. What a career, a life full of everything and with recent losses and the music landscapes the way they are, this is the perfect time for the Godfather of Punk to bid us all a hearty, “adios Amigos!” Then the word of this interesting swan song (allegedly) of an album with Josh Homme / Dean Fertita (QOTSA) and Matt Helders (Arctic Monkeys) surfaced on the internet with eager intrigue. Rightly so, the album is a true to the word blast, I haven’t had it stop playing. I have no idea what i was expecting but what we life long Pop fans are getting is probably his best work since Lust For Life (1977) but that would actually be an odd thing to say since the icon has aged, he’s traveled many roads since and Homme is behind the sounds on PPD. A collaboration that will go down in music history as one of the best ideas, like ever.What I am blatantly hinting at here is that with Homme behind the production there are elements we haven’t heard in Pop music before. Yes, he (Pop) has stretched is long thin arms with various collaborators in the past but this is completely different. Depths and landscapes that bewilder. Pop’s voice is perfectly aged, wearing his travels and delivering narratives that are more enlightening than expected. This is rock n roll, this is the kind of dark edged pop music that bends all perceptions. The vocalist isn’t shying away from his past as you will find plenty of references to eras past hidden,purposely not so well, throughout. Throughout 9 tracks of funky.soul, rock n roll, sparseness, sprawling departures and pop greatness. I want to (expletive) love this album forever, it has it all. At 68 Pop is still a little younger than another musical irreplaceable Icon Willie Nelson but as I watch and listen to these two as they continue to amaze I think all will be okay. two innovators thrive and find themselves introduced to a new generation of younger fans, I feel hopeful.   Post Pop Depression is out 18 March 2016 Iggy Pop – vocals Josh Homme – vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, percussion Matt Helders – drums, percussion, backing vocals Dean Fertita – guitar, keyboards, bass guitar