AWSDOTR I found god
29. August 2020 By Walter Price 0

…a note on the cruelty of the world: AWSDOTR – I Found God

And We Should Die Of That Roar – I Found God is available at Spotify, Apple Music.

by Walter Price

Warning, if you’ve found your way to this article in search of hope, a pick me up and/or Bobby McFerrin-esque sanguineness…you may want to hurry yourself to someplace else because today’s song-in-review isn’t necessarily going to charge your sensibilities with a positive spark. As And We Should Die Of That Roar’s gnarly new single “I Found God”, the seventh from their upcoming LP Deathbed Lullabies, turns the tables on the conventional Christian relationship with God. Fundamentally, in this new chaotic world, with anguish at a seemingly all-time high, Conformity can often feel complicit.

Vocalist/songwriter Hardy Hum delivers his cynicism in a voice as growling as ever as he laments, “I found God/ Found him down on his knees/ See, in my church/ God begs forgiveness from me”. Now, as this song will certainly ruffle the prim and proper, I find it a conversation that’s worth having. And Hum has a way to ignite such exchanges as he explains the depths of the song, “I Found God is a note on the cruelty of the World and life. It is a testimony of the tension between humanity‚Äôs coping with sufferings of everyday life and the mocking gaze of eternity.”

How ever you choose to approach this new forthright track, one thing is certain, this is another poetic if not scathing deep dive into the twisted new world we’re becoming complacent with. Let’s let the brutally honest dialogues begin…


+ Darkness Calling Me

Artist photo via Facebook

Recorded in Old Country Road Studio, Sweden
Recording, mixing, production: Hardy Hum
Lyrics & music. Hardy Hum
Guitars, percussion, vocals: Hardy Hum
Master: Kevin McNoldy courtesy of Cphonic Mastering
Artwork: Igor Gruda courtesy of Grafotopia

Additional artwork credits:
Christi Marcheschi
Mobin Jahantark

AWSDOTR I found god

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