I Don't Want To Go Home
8. March 2022 By Walter Price 0

…can’t be everything, LOUD FOREST I Don’t Want To Go Home

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I Don't Want To Go Home

by Walter Price

This review is as much about Loud Forest’s infectious new single, “I Don’t Want To Go Home”, as it’s about the pure joy this dynamic Los Angeles duo (Rachel and Bernard Chadwick) exudes on social media. It’s a treat that in an era of insta-fame many up-and-coming pop artists are choosing to use their platforms for, well, not much at all. No credits, last names, thinly veiled photo ops, etc. But our subjects of praise, Loud Forest, make it very clear that they are a family that understands, loves, and wants to share the power of making music.

Back to the churning retro pop single… In between the indelible groove is a message of the balance between not feeling accepted and those coming-of-age moments when you find yourself thriving in newfound freedoms. It’s been described as an anthem and that moniker certainly fits, but the main takeaway with this release is its ultimate positivity. It’s a roll the window down, push that volume to 11 and pump your fist out of the car kinda feeling throughout.

In closing, LF just yesterday (March 7, 2022), shared a sweet, all smiles, message for fans on their Facebook page that I thought I’d share here. It confirms what I said earlier about this outfit’s nature. “Just a morning selfie to say thank u thank u for all the love on our new song release 💙. I suppose when it comes down to it, we’re always gonna make music. It’s just like a life source of joy and breathing. So having a listening audience and feedback is an added grace of existence & creativity. Now we are taking each morning slow and waiting for this new baby to arrive and feeling grateful for each moment.”

People, you can’t go wrong with the pop sounds nor the earnest vibes that Loud Forest is giving the world.

“I Don’t Want To Go Home” is taken from the upcoming album “Family Tree”, set to drop in Spring 2022.

LOUD FOREST I Don’t Want To Go Home

Artist photo and bio quote courtesy of Mora Mayo PR

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i don't want to go home

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An album-oriented band, Loud Forest is doused in indie credibility from years of self-releases, homemade microphones, and hosting rock shows in their studio. With influences ranging from Wilco to the Staples Singers, from Bob Dylan to Trey Sivan, from Spoon to Anderson .paak – the band distinguishes themselves with an acute attention to hooky melodies and intentional lyricism that plays with themes of love, fidelity, and family. Drawing inspiration from their two daughters, Bernard and Rachel started the band to end all other bands they were in; a merging of creative forces and a project surrounded by their LA community.” – bio

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