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9. March 2022 By Walter Price 0

NATURE of WIRES ft. Madil Hardis Borealis

Nature of Wires ft. Madil Hardis Borealis is available on Bandcamp.

Nature of Wires
Nature of Wires

by Walter Price

This one is a bit out of my wheelhouse but I couldn’t resist its spine-tingling powers. “Borealis” (feat. Madil Hardis) by remix/composer/producing outfit Nature of Wires is as ethereal as it is haunting and certainly captivating. Its vibe, if you will, lands someplace between the worlds of Dutch Falconi and Alexander Courage. But what’ll grab you by the darker shades of your aura is the German soprano, Hardis’ vocals. It’s a magnetic pull that’s almost impossible to verbalize.

“Borealis” is taken from the forthcoming album “Building Reflections” which is set for release on March 25, 2022. And, while I haven’t been privy to hearing it full, the project is explained by NoW’s Gary Watts, ‘Building Reflections’ is a collection of 10 dark ambient pieces, 8 of which are instrumental. They were all written within the space of just a few hours on a dreary Saturday afternoon in November 2021, using evolving pad sounds from Quantum, as well as patches from Omnisphere and Nexus. They were literally made up as I went along and then I invited Madil to contribute some of her trademark ethereal, dreamy, soprano vocals…A bit different from the norm and at about 24 minutes long it’s the perfect length for when you’re having a bath!”

So draw a bath, turn the lights down low and let “Borealis” wash over your being.

NATURE of WIRES ft. Madil Hardis Borealis

Artist photos both via Facebook // Quote courtesy of Nature of Wires

Building Reflections
Music by Gary Watts
Vocals on Borealis and Network by Madil Hardis
Album title by Dave B (@wafbinthedark)

NoW // Madil Hardis

Nature of Wires is from Herefordshire, UK. NoW has created over 100 remixes for artists all over the World, including Sigue Sigue Sputnik Electronic, Sea of Sin, Freakangel, Leaether Strip, Massive Ego, and many, many more. – bio

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