Hunters Chorus
16. August 2022 By Walter Price 0

HUNTERS CHORUS The Ping Pong Ball Career Center

Hunters Chorus The Ping Pong Ball Career Center is available on Bandcamp, Apple, Spotify

Hunters Chorus

by Walter Price

Hold your dingy little hand in front of you and count how instrumental songs you really dig. Let me help you. Steve Hackett, Link Wray, Pat Metheny, and The Shadows all have tracks that you would certainly recognize, but since we’re primarily simpletons and need lyrics to help us associate how we feel and provide connectivity to a song and its artist, its fair to say that the wordless song stays deep into the recesses of our minds—not necessarily garnering the respect your favorite melodic wordsmith does.

Perhaps the new EP, The Ping Pong Ball Career Center, from San Mateo maestro Hunter Chorus (Ramon Fermin & Co.) will change your perception of instrumentals and find its way to the forefront of your conscious. How so, you ask. Enthralling reverie.

Take my advice and throw your headphones on, lay on the floor, and let the 5-tracks sweep you away into the fascinating mindsets of an ensemble of brilliant musicians and their far-out soundscapes. While the album is a start-to-finish treat, its possible that your TikTok attention span won’t allow you a continuous 24 minutes of escapism, let me suggest a shortened taste test with the opener “Clubhouse” and the EP’s absolute mindbender, “The Heat”. Both tracks will give you something to ponder and perhaps nudge you to dive into the full experience.

You can stream the spirited (and aptly titled) world of The Ping Pong Ball Career Center in full, here at the GTC.

HUNTERS CHORUS The Ping Pong Ball Career Center

Article photo, artwork, and press quote courtesy of Public Display PR

Ramon Fermin
Elyse Ader
Ami Nashimoto Patrick Murphy
Jason Slota
Ben Boye

w/ Brett Carson and Tony Gennaro

Recorded by Jack Shirley at the Atomic Garden in Oakland, CA

instagram // website

Recorded quickly and manifesting a live, unfussed spirit, The Ping Pong Ball Career Center captures Hunters Chorus in an alluringly candid and honest light. The new release is a colorful new turn for the San Mateo-based ensemble, full of bright moments and triumphant snapshots welcoming the listener to stay awhile and revel in the play.” – press

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