En tournée
13. August 2022 By Walter Price 1

Mårten Lärka Ça va, ça va, ça va / En tournée

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En tournée

by Walter Price

Is he French or Swedish? Well, yes, I suppose. It’s the GTC fave, Mårten Lärka! And he’s returned with two post-pandemic sonic jaunts that are meant to, “…make you happy. That´s what is needed most of all right now! In his unique and playful expression with subtle and deep-text lines, Mårten Lärka always makes an impression.”

Written on piano and voiced in French, the Sweden-based raconteur delivers some much-appreciated happiness with the songs “Ça va, ça va, ça va” and “En tournée”. And you don’t have to speak the language to feel the cheery celebratory vibes. A quote shared with the GTC, the multifaceted artist says of the tracks, “The lyrics are small tributes to the flowers, the birds, the belief in love and to the equation of getting life together on tour. It’s naive and it’s genuine.”

Pure Lärka through and through and this double A-side further solidifies this positive forward human as an absolute gem in the indie art world. And you can stream “Ça va, ça va, ça va” and “En tournée”, now at the GTC.

Mårten Lärka Ça va, ça va, ça va / En tournée

Artist photo via Facebook // Quotes courtesy of M.OTION SONGS

Backing vocals: Martin Hellquist and Frida Bergström
Mixing and mastering: Henrik Heinrich @ Nevo Studios
Art work: Båpa
The rest: Mårten Lärka
Distribution: The Orchard

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Vive les fleurs
Vive les oiseaux
Résurrection de l’amour

Résurrection de l’amour
de l’amour, de l’amour
Résurrection de l’amour

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