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13. September 2017 By Walter Price 0

How Neo Post Punk Can Cure Your Bad Momma Funk, and other reasons to listen to Human Tetris

Human Tetris can be found on iTunes. human tetris by Kt Emmerson   I just cleaned up my three-year old’s poop off the carpet. It’s a shit job but this SAHM, late-blooming Gen Xer momma has gotta suck up her rock and roll angsty pride and grab it by the paper towel hands! Which leads me to why a momma in my particular season in new wave life needs an escape, a dose of rejuvenating post-punk life soundtrack to reinvigorate the melancholy soul. I’ve got you covered mommas, and dads, or nonbreeders. Enter Human Tetris, Moscow born foursome embodying all the luscious monochrome tones (think male Siouxsie Sioux), echo-y jangling guitar (metallic Joy Division) rich lyrical synth progression, and loopy drum sequencing. Please start this rabbit hole adventure with “Things I Don’t Need”. It’s your post-punk CPR…no, defibrillator! Deep monochrome phrasing, synth simplicity, and intoxicating, floating-on-top-of-life jangly guitar (fuck cowbell, I need more jangle!). For further treatment and repair for a lost goth-lamb, I recommend Baltic Sea; driving ebb and flow guitar and drum sequencing. And Cold Wind with its slow building intro, meaningful and rich lyricism (aw, I feel artsy again), and crescendo emphasis at the end. I’m usually well back to my cold war, nihilistic, Morticia-minded self three songs in. Hope it’s a newly found elixir for you too.  


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