Human Barbie Wait
18. August 2022 By Walter Price 0

…wash the sadness, HUMAN BARBIE Wait

Human Barbie Wait is available on Bandcamp, Deezer, Poor Man Records

Human Barbie Wait

by Walter Price

Lo-fi, lush, and with plenty of post-punk DNA, the recent single, “Wait”, from cerebral songwriter Human Barbie is a blurred bedroom-pop track weighted with the storyteller’s poetic dexterity. “I needed a friend/ To carry me/ To wash the sadness/ Innocently/ So stay a little longer/ I can wait a little longer…”

While vocalist Christopher Leopold evokes palpable dreamy vibes with his whispy delivery as his somber lyricism sweeps you into another realm, the not to be remiss backbone of this single is the delicate jangly guitar à la The Church or perhaps even early The Smiths. Complimented by a brilliant backing band [Matt Brundrett, Xuan Nguyen, Dylan Neal], “Wait” is a thought-inducing masterclass in letting a song’s intimate emotions breathe.

“Wait” is taken from the forthcoming Poor Man Records EP, expected on October 12th. You can stream the fragile single now at the GTC.


+ No Worries

Artist photo via Facebook // Quote courtesy of Poor Man Records

Christopher Leopold – Vocals, Bass, Guitar
Matt Brundrett – Drumkit
Xuan Nguyen – Vocals
Thief Daddy a.k.a Dylan Neal – Dulcimer

Recorded and mixed at Majestic Wizard Studios, Los Angeles, CA

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Rippling tide pools in the moonlight, the trace of a lover’s hand on your skin, a dream hovering somewhere between midnight and dawn…” – Chris Leopold

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