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Sunbathers – Honeysuk and more, available at Spotify.


by Walter Price

Baltimore based indie rock band Sunbathers find themselves someplace between Band of Horses, Simple Minds, and Tears for Fears. Classic and soulful pop induced rock n’ roll overflowing with highlights, but two are blatantly clear. Firstly, the songwriting is elevated and more complex from what you may normally find with an indie band. Secondly, the vocal work of Sean Lynott is undeniably timeless and broad.

Add those two points certainly highlight the fact that the band, Tim Boaté, Pete Mindnich, Peter Leonard, and Shohsei Oda are brilliant musicians. As in, witness the rhythm section causing involuntary pelvic sways on the band’s new single “Honeysuk”. To say this song is a track that belongs in arenas wouldn’t be saying enough.

Since songs fall victim to the listener’s own interpretations, “Honeysuk” has changed my mind at least four times. Which is a fantastic situation for any melophile to be in. To further my intrigue, and soon yours is the Jorge Lucas video.

A high concept masterwork? Perhaps, but what is saying about the track? Here is my most recent perception of “Honeysuk”… Nurturing a love until it eventually becomes a virus that slowly entraps you and ultimately leads to an emotional demise.

Whichever way your mind decides to dissect and experience this song it will possibly vary from mine. So be it, it’s certainly worth all journies taken.


Band photo via Facebook


A D.I.Y or DIE Production
Directed by Jorge Lucas
Producers: Jorge Lucas, William Nawrocki III, Rob Silcox, Sumire Takamatsu
Starring: Iman Mariah, Trevor Hamilton
Director of Photography: Rob Silcox
Editor: William Nawrocki III
Gaffer: Brian Hollars
Key Grip, Prop Master: Nathan Mitchell
Production Assistants: John Humphrey, Camille Workman
Makeup Effects: Krystle Feher
Visual Effects: Third Beacon
VFX Supervision and Compositing: Kyle Delso
3D Sim and Assistant Compositing: Tim Van Helsdingen
Filmed at: Be Electric Studios, and a Harlem rooftop


facebook / website / bandcamp

Sunbathers are an indie rock/pop band that formed in the fall of 2013 in Washington, D.C. Currently based out of Baltimore…” – bio

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