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8. July 2018 By Walter Price 1

DREAMY SOUNDS: Honey Cutt (fka baby!) – Sunny, F.L. (album)

Honey Cutt (fka baby!) are available on Bandcamp.

honey cutt (fka baby!)

by Walter Price


Dreamy California vibes emanating from Boston Mass? Well, yes, and a couple of patches of no. The band in question is called Honey Cutt,  renamed after the outfit’s founding member Kaley Honeycutt. Their 8 track album is titled, ‘Sunny F.L.’. A brilliantly airy collection with varying shades of sparseness. Nook and crannies left open so the lyrics can breathe. Causing those West Coast-flavored, if not a bit deliberately lackadaisical, spaces.

Honeycutt’s vocals whisk you in and out of her personal tales, cradled by a familiar yet fresh go-to indie rock sound. Where that before mentioned dreamy California-esque sound slightly strays is on tracks like, “New Smyrna” and the title track (ft. Death Tremors). These two tracks are reminiscent of the heavier side of The Blank Tapes. Which is a win no matter how you look at it.

All in all, this is a great album by a talented songwriter and adept band. Downside…why are some bands not listing the band member’s names? When you’re this good you should be shouting your names from the rooftops.

You can check out the Nico Griffin Ward produced video for “Weather Girl” below.


HONEY CUTT (fka baby!)

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upcoming tour dates:

7/13 Montclair NJ @ The Meatlocker*
7/14 Baltimore MD @ TBA
7/15 Richmond VA @ Bandito’s
7/16 Asheville NC @ Static Age
7/17 Nashville TN @ Betty’s Grill
7/18 Lexington KY @ Best Friend Bar
7/19 Thomas WV @ Tiptop Coffee
7/20 New Brunswick NJ @ Scarlet Pub
7/21 Philly PA @ Glitter Galaxy*
7/22 Brooklyn NY @ Sunnyvale


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