understanding gravity
9. July 2018 By Walter Price 0

Your Summer Sounds Like: Hellsingland Underground – Understanding Gravity (album)

Understanding Gravity by Hellsingland Underground is available on iTunes.

understanding gravity

by Walter Price


Creating timeless, solid rock n roll with substantial weight is rare in these here modern times. That sort of music that tells tactile personal and social commentary with aΒ driving folk and blues-based Southern flare you’d grown up with, whittling the summer days away with cheap wine and philosophizing around fleeting encounters. Sweden’sΒ Hellsingland Underground have these atmospheres bottled with their 2016 album ‘Understanding Gravity’. This 12 track stunner is as good today if not better than the first time I laid ears on it. Each song plays like a cinematicΒ vignette. Observations on the importance of being. Moments and thoughts never sounded so good. Time to put it in your summer…Jam.



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