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Holiday Edition: Things You Can Buy Today 17 December 2013

This is the holiday edition of Things You Can Buy…

Here are a few of the albums we have truly enjoyed over the past year and we thought they’d look nice all wrapped up and ready to give to the music lover(s) in your life. Or perhaps for yourself. Nothings wrong with making you happy this time of year….

Happy Holidays! 

  • The New Roses – ‘With Out A Trace’ 
“Not only do The New Roses have one of the best band names they back it up with Rock N’ Roll that has 40 years of music history all wrapped up into one tight band straight outta Deutschland. ..Without A Trace kicks off with “Devil’s Toys'” and grabs you by the throat and keeps a firm hold through tracks like “Still Got My Rock N’ Roll”, “Gimme Your Love” & “Whiskey Nightmare” …then you are hooked man!” – Walter Price (The GTC)

The New Roses: Website. / Facebook. / Interview

  • Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion – ‘Wassaic Way’
“This record is a departure from a folk duo, I think this is the best example we’ve been able to present that shows the many facets of what we can do. There’s loud guitars, there’s soundscapes, there’s a lushness to it, there’s a popness, an edge. It’s difficult sometimes to bring that all together.” – Johnny Irion (cbslocal.com)

Guthrie & Irion: Website. / Facebook.

  • The Temperance Movement – ‘The Temperance Movement’ 
“I don’t want to sound like a giddy schools girl, but how else can I explain how Campbell’s voice can melt away all the negative in my soul and then make me want to drive with abandonment at the same time… How can I convey the fact that the superior craftsmanship from the musicians here is something the world of rock n’ roll has been missing for far too long.” – Claudia Price (The GTC)

TMM: Website. / Facebook. / Interview.

  • Scott Matthew – ‘Unlearned’

“The collection of his personal hits on the upcoming album like Harvest Moon (Neil Young), No Surprises (Radiohead), To Love Somebody (Bee Gees) or Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division), reinterpret only with his mesmerizing, heart-melting and captivating voice and  the Scott Matthew typical instrumentation of piano, strings, guitar and ukulele, all have been put through his process of unlearning. They all have been unlearned and they stand as new and undiscovered entities.” –  Scott Matthew (official website)

Scott Matthew: Website. / Facebook. / Interview.

  • Imperial State Electric – ‘Reptile Brain Music’
“If the first album was more of a solo affair from Nicke Andersson, and the brilliant sophomore effort “Pop War” redefined the rules of power pop for the new millennium, this new piece of work sounds like the quartet has finally found their real dimension: here, all the influences flow naturally and also the more typical traits of The Hellacopters’ style are brought back in the mix, for a final result that is as much melodic as it is riotous and dynamically powerful. ” – Alle Royale (The GTC)

ISE: Website. / Facebook. / Review.