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Chris Leigh: A Working Man’s Christmas

By Chris Leigh

It’s strange the things you remember most about your childhood Christmas’s but one year sticks in my mind more than most. It was the year my parents gave me my first pair of work boots. I guess that seems kinda silly when compared to most gifts but for me it was the first indication that I was becoming a man. I was only around ten years old but I had always longed to work alongside my brothers and my dad. They often left me behind as I was too young to help with the work. They had also been on several hunting trips without me. 

The work boots meant that it was time for me to join them. About a week after I got my boots, we were out on a job and a rusty nail went through the bottom of my right boot but the steel and thick rubber kept it from going into my foot. I sure was glad to have those work boots. I wore them all the time.

Merry Christmas to all the working men and boys out there!!

Please have a listen to “Like I Love You Forever”, a song I wrote for my kids and family.

-Chris Leigh

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