Highway to Hell review
24. October 2018 By Walter Price 0

In His Own Rock N Roll Words: Chris Rolling on AC/DC’s ‘Highway to Hell’

Highway to Hell. Chris Rolling Squad can be found @ Bandcamp.

Chris rolling


“This album is a really special one, cause it was my 1st LP. My mom got it for me, this record made me fall in love with Rock n’ Roll, Angus with his possessed guitar, an incredibly strong and groovy rhythm section, and a crazy singer. There’s not any mistake on this LP, from songwriting to the production, songs are catchy, screaming guitar solos and lyrics are smarter than many people think. No special effects, no keyboard, no makeup or stupid show business things, just pure Rock N’ Roll!”




(The quote comes from the GTC article ‘5 Albums That Shaped Rocker Chris Rolling‘)


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