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27. April 2016 By Walter Price 0

5 Albums That Shaped Rocker Chris Rolling

music for a good life

by Chris Rolling


Hard to pick only five albums but here are I guess five records that has had a huge influence on me as a musician. I put them by order of discovery.


AC/DC – Highway to Hell (1979)

This one is a really special one, cause it was my 1st LP. My mom got it for me, this record made me fall in love with Rock n’ Roll, Angus with his possessed guitar, an incredibly strong and groovy rhythm section and a crazy singer. There’s not any mistake on this LP, from songwriting to the production, songs are catchy, screaming guitar solos and lyrics are more smart than many people think. No special effects, no keyboard,  no make up or stupid show business things, just pure Rock N’ Roll!



Jimi Hendrix – Electric Ladyland (1987)

My favourite Jimi’s record is “Band of Gypsys” but “Electric Ladyland” was my first touch with him and his universe, of course “Voodoo Child (slight return)” blew me away, but the 2 records are insane, seriously “All Along the Watchtower” burns the original Dylan’s version, “Burning of the Midnight Lamp” is the best song ever to explain what’s psychedelic music, to resume “Electric Ladyland” I’d say it’s bluesy, funky, weird, strange, loud, psychedelic, it’s Hendrix ! The main reason I started to play guitar is him!



Indian Red – You can’t do, that’s why we do it (1994)

This record is a masterpiece, from the 1st song “I’m free” with a huge Rock n’ Roll riff followed by a super funky verse you understand instantly that these guys are music lovers ! From Metal to Boogie, Funk to Rockabilly, Blues, even New Wave, yes you’ll find everything on this record ! The most incredible after 23 years of listening is that I still have the sensation that these guys can play everything, it seems all three have no limits, amazing musicians & songwriters ! They showed me that it’s possible to play a music influenced by many others and not be stuck in one style ! My desert island record.


The Raging Honkies – We are the best band (1995)

Some journalists described “The Raging Honkies” like the wedding of Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana and yeah it sounds a bit that way, on this record Mike Landau’s playing is like a modern Hendrix (more accurate and clean) but with the Raging Honkies he adds that kind of raw and angry rhythm guitar and as the drummer said “we play punk/blues”, and it’s exactly that, lyrics sound disillusioned, sad and full of anger, It resounded with the state of my life when I bought this record and I was so impressed by the guitar playing, I subconsciously stole a lot of things from Mike’s playing, so Mike if you read that, hope you don’t mind!


Chuck Prophet – Homemade blood (1997)

My fascination for this guy started in the 80’s when he was playing with “Green on Red”, so when he started a solo career naturally I’ve continued to buy his records. I love them all but “Homemade blood” really killed me, put Tom Waits (they’re born in the same tiny city, coincidence? I don’t think so !), Johnny Cash, Keith Richards, Jimi Hendrix, Lou Reed, John Steinbeck and Sam Peckinpah in a shaker… shake it and you get Chuck Prophet. Nothing less than the biggest songwriter of these last 30 years! I’ve never heard anybody like him singing about the absurdity of life with so much class. if Steve McQueen had played guitar and sang he would have been called Chuck Prophet. When I find life absurd, I listen to “Homemade Blood”.



The Road Kings – The Road Kings

Sunset Heights – Snafu

Lou Reed – Transformer


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