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26. April 2016 By Walter Price 0

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The Wanton BishopsYou don’t wait for inspiration to come so you can write a song…” – Nader Mansour
by Walter Price   The Wanton Bishops’ 2015 album Sleep With The Lights On is an explosive exploration of blues rock n roll, hints of rockabilly and ingredients of pure classic rock. I think the band’s realistically raw approach to songwriting and song construction has everything to do with their surroundings. I assume this due to the fact that what I think I know about Beirut and Lebanon as a whole dwells in mysterious bleakness and multifaceted turmoil. The Wanton Bishops’ tales come from places deeper than most would initially understand. Nader Mansour and Eddy Ghosein came together over fist fights and rock n roll jam sessions, solidified a soulful bond that would defy the restraints of their surroundings.Lebanon isn’t known for any sort of music infrastructure, so for two guys to hit the world stage with a concoction of Delta style blues and 60’s/7ß’s era rock n roll seems inconceivably magical and near perfect. But only scratching the surface of Sleep With The Lights On is seriously insulting. You have to dig deeper into the album, let the stories and sounds breath their intended turbulently tangible breaths.     The Wanton Bishops Facebook / Twitter / Website / iTunes     walter price Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.