high lonesome
4. September 2016 By Walter Price 0

High Lonesome: Frank Sinatra

high lonesome High Lonesome: Angel Eyes 

by Walter Price


There are those songs that accentuate those long dark moments in mental or actual smokey barrooms with ancient jukeboxes soundtracking your every sullen twisty moaning thought. Life is a cranky son-of-a and songs are the only way, the only true friend anyone really has…Time to get into a ‘high-lonesome’ with…


Frank Sinatra – “Angel Eyes”


Hey drink up all you people
Order anything you see
And have fun you happy people
The laugh and the drinks on me

“Hey” you say, as you try to figure out why I’ve chosen Sinatra’s version of  Earl Brent’s 1946 classic (composer Matt Dennis). Everyone from K.d. Lang to Willie Nelson have done it and with great success. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Frank’s version first appeared on his 1956  release  Frank Sinatra Sings for Only the Lonely and  you can not argue his devastating tone and authenticity.

There lyrics tell the all too common tale of love misspent. Scenic drinks in that lonely bar full of ‘happy people’ says it all…

Pardon me but I got to run
The fact’s uncommonly clear
I got to find who’s now the number one
And why my angel eyes ain’t here


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