band name sucks
6. September 2016 By Walter Price 0

Your Band Name Sucks

Your Band Name Sucks

 band name sucks


by Global Texan


Coming up with a band name or an alias for those basement dwelling singer-songwriters looking for a nice disguise to hide your fears, The GTC team has decided to come up with some ideas each week in what we are calling, Your Band Name.

This week’s suggestion:




Origin: The German word for ‘staying’  and it is one of the prettiest words from a language that can be a bit rough around the gnarly rrrrr’d  edges.

Thoughts: Look, this is a band name that fits all genres of music. It says so much and leaves things open ended as well. If you keep it lower cased like your fave tech company, search engine or app; you look super cool. We mean cooler than what you already are buttercup.


Totally unrelated songs






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