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…when they’re dead, VIDEO/SINGLE: HEWHOCANNOTBENAMED – “Good Kill” [Film by Matthew Konicek/ Art by Chris Barrows]

HeWhoCannotBeNamed – The Good, The Bad, and The Brutal is available at Bandcamp.


by Walter Price

From his underappreciated 2018 rock n roll blast of an LP, ‘The Good, The Bad, and The Brutal’, San Francisco-based seminal punkrocker HeWhoCannotBeNamed (The Dwarves) drops an animated video for his anti-murder/political chaos track “Good Kill”.

Sausage and steak, no bones to break
frozen or fresh, fried broiled or baked
at breakfast lunch and dinners there’s losers and winners
FDA certified guaranteed to be a good kill.

After the fall, hangin’ on the wall
nothin to do but watch you all.
Sacrifice for sport to give a good thrill
licensed and legal designated that it was a good kill.

Rats in the basement, bugs in my bed
I think we can agree that we’ll be better when they’re dead.
Assassination with gas ordered by the ruling class
Dictators of the mass say it’s a clear case of kill or be killed.

And you can feast your eyes on the Matthew Konicek film, art by Chris Barrows, below…”Who said HeWhoCannotBeNamed couldn’t appeal to fine artists? This video is so beautiful it should be hanging in a museum.”


Artist photo via Bandcamp

Film by Matthew Konicek
Art by Chris Barrows

HeWhoCannotBeNamed – backing vocals, guitar
Bobby Ramone – backing vocals, bass
Krazy Keith – backing vocals, lead guitar
Chris Barrows – art, lead vocals
Diablo – backing vocals, drums


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