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We hurt when we don’t understand each other, VIDEO/SINGLE: BRIDESMEN – “The Times” [Stephanie Kim, director]

Bridesmen – The Times is available now at Apple Music.


by Walter Price

If you’re a fan, like I am, of all those hallowed pop songs from the 80s / early 90s produced by the likes of Narada Michael Walden (Whitney Houston) and David and Don Was then you’ll love the emotional new dance track, “The Times”, from Bridesmen (Kenton Chen). In a quote sent to the GTC, Chen explains the song’s powerful origins, “We hurt when we don’t understand each other and we hurt when we are unwilling to change. The best thing we can do is be ourselves within the context of what we were given.”

The actor-songwriter, a gay Asian second-generation immigrant, shared more of his deeply personal and encouraging thoughts, “I want people to know that as I have grown and matured as an artist and a human being, I’ve come to realize that my specific experiences of being gay and Asian are not particular to me. My life story reverberates far beyond my specificities, and anyone from any race or sexuality can empathize with the need to belong and be understood.”

The video, directed by Stephanie Kim and choreographed by Baden Silva, is fittingly retro in style. A kaleidoscopic film that lets the song’s sentiments unfold through interpretive dance and the contrast of industrial and vibrant colors. Letting the viewer experience the feeling that stark differences can meet in the middle. Ultimately, understanding prevails.


Artist photo provided by Mora| May Agency

Written and Performed by Kenton Chen (as Bridesmen)
Produced by Louie Diller

Director – Stephanie Kim
Director of Photography – Josh Hill
Producers – Stephanie Kim, Josh Hill, and John Hyland/1DS Productions
Editor – Tim Barsten
Color Grade – Jack Tashdjian
Choreographer – Baden Silva
AD – Tim Robinson
Stedicam – Kiel Euhlberg
Focus Puller – Chris McElroy
Camera Loader – Tyler Purcell
Gaffer – Kevin Willing
Key Grip – Lance Gegner
Assistant Grip – Sharon Joetama
HMU – Jill Clark
Costume Designer – Walker Redick
Stylist – Kelsey Landers
Production Assistant – Morgan Quinn
Still Photographer – Nick Rasmussen
Dancers – Anthea Young, Charissa Kroeger, Shelby Tagge, Belle Jessen, Owen Scarlett, Francisco Preciado, Buddy Hills, Jace Chadwick
Location: Electric Pony Studios

Dancers: Allie Corpuz, Kat Cheng, Blake Miller, Ellie Biddle, Mark Mundy, Shiori Kamijo, Walker Redick


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