MY DEAR WENDY - Head Against the Wall
26. April 2021 By Walter Price 0

NEW MONDAY: MY DEAR WENDY – Head Against the Wall

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MY DEAR WENDY - Head Against the Wall

by Walter Price

In a world where songwriters such as Suzanne Santo, Lindsay White, and Lucy Dacus are laying out vulnerable truths with their soul-stirring songs, another name should be added to the mix. LA-based My Dear Wendy [Amanda Gunnels] is her name and she’s telling her tales in a no-frills fashion that, on her beautiful 3-track EP The Apple Falls Far, Pt. 1, travel short distances between alt-country, folk-rock, and Americana with ease.

A set, that in a recent review I had said, “The I only miss you not necessarily the place tribute to her home state on Track 1, “I Don’t Miss Georgia” pulls you in with its weeping fiddle and holds you with the vocalist’s sincerity, and it’s near Cline sing-a-long lyrics. Track 2, “Head Against the Wall”, is as close to a country rocker as you’re going to get on this album and it’s a dancefloor-ready stunner chockful of vocal dexterity and that sound My Dear Wendy gets out of that guitar is pure ear-candy. Last but not least, track 3, “The Letter”, is hands down as much of a classic country-pop song as it is a story song, a lost art, of sorts. And this one is reminiscent of the kind of records Ronnie Milsap, Lorrie Morgan, and Pam Tillis used to captivate us with.”

And its track two that is now the focus as the Georgia-born singer-songwriter has dropped a new music video. A sun-soaked day as the camera follows Gunnels through the neighborhood as she delivers this uptempo song that begs the question of, how did we get to this point anyway? Created by Julia Dettwiler and Andrew Davis for Pair-A-Dice Productions, this video has, like the artist herself, a palpable straightforward story to tell. And that’s what this project is all about really, dealing with emotional family situations and writing and producing relatable songs that’ll resonate in these ever-changing times.

And you can stream the full EP as well as see the new film, now at the GTC.

MY DEAR WENDY – Head Against the Wall

+ The Apple Falls far, Pt. 1

Artist photo by Pair-A-Dice Photography

Written, produced, and performed all by My Dear Wendy

Video: Julia Dettwiler / Andrew Davis, Pair-A-Dice Productions

The Apple Falls Far, Pt. 2 is expected August 2021

MY DEAR WENDY - Head Against the Wall

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A concept album I never thought would be released. Family can be an interesting thing, and growing up I always felt torn with how to feel. There was this pressure to be a specific type of person and to follow a certain timeline of how life was “supposed” to go, but there was something inside of me that wanted more. I wanted to be able to be who I really was, without judgment and without feeling ashamed for being a little bit different than the “norm.” This album is incredibly personal, but I also believe that there are many people out there who might feel the same way– who might recognize these troubles, understand, and find a hope that they are not alone with these feelings. “The Apple Falls Far” will be released in two parts, and each song represents the emotions and feelings I have towards my family as a whole, or individually.” – My Dear Wendy

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