Hana Vu Maker
24. March 2022 By Walter Price 0

I’m not strongеr and I crumble, HANA VU Maker (Public Storage)

Hana Vu Maker (Public Storage LP) is available on Bandcamp, Tidal, Ghostly International.

Hana Vu Maker

by Walter Price

In search of life’s big answers, wrestling with the human condition, questioning existence, and debating a so-called, ‘higher power’, are unavoidable experiences that can get one all twisted. No one knows better than LA singer/songwriter Hana Vu. Especially on her delicate and emotional-lived experiences single, “Maker”.

The closing track on her applauded twelve-song LP, Public Storage, “Maker” is an ontological journey through coming-of-age contemplations. Ones we really never truly come to grips with, no matter the stage of life we find ourselves surviving or perhaps thriving in.

Save me, oh, my angel
Are you angry?
‘Cause I’m not strongеr and I crumble
Oh, that’s my nature just like you, ooh

Can you make me anybody else?
Maker, make me, Taker, take it all
Can you make me anything at all?
Breaker, break me, Breaker, break my fall

In a published quote, Vu has said, “I am not religious but I imagined a sort of desolate character crying out to an ultimately punitive force for something more.” A palpable sentiment that has as much weight now in these ever trying times as it could ever have. Soundtracked by a soft and sentimental arrangement, its surprising banjo, Vu’s resounding vocals, and backed by angelic whispers, this song is beautifully real, if not a little heartbreaking along the way.

You can stream “Maker” as well as witness its Lucy Sandler-directed film, now at the GTC.


Artist quotes, artwork, and quotes via Ghostly International

Writer/Composer Hana Vu
Co-produced by Jackson Phillips and Hana Vu

Maker, the film
Directed by Lucy Sandler
Produced by Jack Fahey
Photography Directed by Adrian Nieto

Hana Vu Maker

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“Hana Vu writes pop songs from her bedroom in Los Angeles. She signed to Ghostly International in 2021, leading to the announcement of her full-length debut, Public Storage.” – bio

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