Gorgeous Divine
25. March 2022 By Walter Price 0

…what I thought I could hide, GORGEOUS Divine

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Gorgeous Divine

by Walter Price

It’s rare that a debut single packs so much exquisite punch as “Divine” by Danish duo Gorgeous does. The song is a subtle divide between a sweet lullaby and a dreamy anthem. And its storyline of fully giving one’s self over to another is summed up best by vocalist Maríe Louise, “Divine is about that total surrender. About showing the good and the bad sides when you bump into that ‘one in a million’ true love.”

You’ve been opening thе gate to the unknown
Aside from what I thought I could hide
I’m still within a sight from your glazed eye
How would I know you’re divine?

We talk about mistakes
And everything I hate
Catching beams of how you feel
As we reach the bay
Silver lining shore
It is like a movie scene
Losers fall in love [the winner takes it all
Feel your eyes on me

Producer (Enrique) Murga adds a magnificently tender arrangement that soothes you into the track’s nuanced bounce. Brillant arrangement, palpable songwriting, and a mesmerizing vocalist aren’t the complete story, though. The song comes replete with quite the intricate music video. Taking inspiration from the classic stop motion film “The Pinchcliffe Grand Prix” and created by Phichet Shaemsaithong & Rasmus Rørbæk, these visuals will baffle the mind with the amount of time and the care this outfit and the creators they surround themselves with contributed to this project. Kudos to all.

While there’s certainly plenty of TikTok-era bedroom pop in this single’s DNA, don’t be fooled…there’s something much larger going on with “Divine” and its makers, Gorgeous. Discover its dreamy magic for yourself, here at the GTC.


Artist photo via Facebook // PR by steady.

Written and produced by,
Marie Louise

Music Video: Phichet Shaemsaithong & Rasmus Rørbæk
Gaffer: Philip Sacht

grogeous divine

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Sitting in the sand
In your shirt
Listening to words that I can’t revert
Sunset dreams
Wide as the sea, the sea
Sitting in the sand in your shirt
Listening to words that I can’t revert
Sunset dreams
Wild as the sea, capture me

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