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Your GTC Weekly Top 10 February 2 2015

“I have difficulties with people who don’t write their own songs, who’ve got a team of songwriters who work for your record label.” – Noel Gallagher


Maija Sofia Foto: Ferdia MacAonghusa

Maija Sofia
Foto: Ferdia MacAonghusa


Hey Maija Sofia, you”re #1! So says The GTC readers. Thanks for stopping over to discuss your music and whimsies! We’re looking forward to seeing where your career goes next.

This past week we had the fortune/misfortune of learning that Madonna will tumble for ya, Esatern Europe loves them some Europe,  Dave Grohl knows how to do rock with grace and fire, listening to the new Action Bronson is irritatingly addictive, Kid Rock ain’t really into Beyoncé and  sadly we lost one of the great artists, actors and all around cool cats:

R.I.P.  Leonard Simon Nimo 1931 – 2015

The GTC again would like to thank all of you who continue to help us support actual music artists and the people who care about such people. It really does make a difference.

Here is what was read the most last week at The GTC. Your Weekly Top 10 23 February 23 – 1 March 2015


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  3. Review: Europe – ‘War Of Kings’
  4. Nothing More
  5. Matchstickmen Have Good Reason “For No Reason
  6. The Beatles Show ELT w/ Ken Michaels
  7. J.P. Kallio’s Musician Quick Tips Pt. 5
  8. Review: Black Star Riders – ‘The Killer Instinct’
  9. Lovers Electric: The Kitchen Kollektion – Be Who We Are
  10. 6 More Reasons Why Rockabilly


Top 3 Facebook

  1. A Royale Review: Europe – “War Of Kings”
  2. Exclusive: The Enchanted world and sounds of Maija Sofia
  3. Dig out your dancing” shoes, it”s a new look at Why Rockabilly


Where did all the beautiful GTC readers come from last week?

  1. USA
  2. UK
  3. Germany
  4. Sweden
  5. France
  6. Ireland
  7. Norway
  8. Serbia
  9. Australia
  10. Spain

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