death cab for cutie
13. February 2015 By Walter Price 0

GTC Has Track Picks

death cab for cutie

You wanted the best, here are this week’s best….

If you prefer not to dig around YouTube or your cluttered newsfeed, here are a handful of videos for your record collection considerations.

Killer tracks from Death Cab For Cutie, Fritz Montana, Faz Waltz, H Hawkline and Johnny Marr.

We did all the digging so you can simply dig it!



Death Cab For Cutie – “Black Sun” 

Album: “Kintsugi” (out 30 March)


Fritz Montana – “Let You Down”

Album: “Scaredy Cat” (out now)


H Hawkline – “Spooky Dog”

Album: In The Pink of Condition’ (out now)


Faz Waltz – “Kids Are All Wild”

Album: Move Over (out now)


Johnny Marr – “Easy Money”

Album: Playland (out now)