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29. May 2015 By Walter Price 0

GTC Has Track Picks

feral conservatives musicBeen a long week and you need the best and we just happen to have the best…

Spending too much time trying to figure out why all your favorite rock bands are re-releasing all their classic albums on vinyl…again. Black Sabbath.

Stop scratching ruts in your skull. The GTC has track picks from Spare Parts for Broken Hearts, Feral Conservatives, Jesse Malin, Nikki Lane & Andrea Schroeder.

We did the digging so you can just dig!

Feral Conservatives – “Class Reunion”

Album: The Feeling Noise Becomes (Out Now)


Nikki Lane – “Right Time”

Album: All Or Nothin’ (Out Now)


Spare Parts for Broken Hearts – “Say When”

EP: I Love You (Out Now)


Jesse Malin – “New York Before The War” (promo clip)

Album: “New York Before The War” (Out Now)


Andrea Schroeder – “Until The End”

Album: Where The Wild Oceans End (Out Now)