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Love ballad overthrow, WKND SPIN: SUPER CITY – “Greek” [single + sanctuary]

Greek by Super City is available at Apple Music.

by Kt Emmerson

If you could take all the good pieces of pop music and leave out all the redundant, mundane, rah rah rah elements, wouldn’t that be awesome? Like a surrealist dream where A-Ha melodies are completely compatible with wall-of-sound guitar presence. Motown dance craft side by side with OMD simple synth messaging. Throw in mod millennial Geographer vocals and straight-up “Like A Virgin” popsicles…seems perfectly natural with sand still in your eyes, but with that first splash of cold water in your face, morning routine, and your mind boggles….what the hell was I dreaming?

No, it’s not Salvador Dali in music form, it works even better than melting clocks on landscapes… Super City is about as eclectic as one group can get. And not just for campy effect. These guys have quality musical skills and that signature Baltimore music scene cred.

Check out Super City’s “Greek” [and Sanctuary] if you’re up for something strange and wonderful…without psychotropic supplements. And we’ve added the track to our weekend playlist, the GTC WKND SPIN, so should you.

Greek + Sanctuary

Dan Ryan-vocals, guitar
Greg Wellham-vocals, guitar
Jon Birkholz-keyboards, guitar vocals
Brian Brunsman-bass, vocals
Ian Viera- drums, vocals

Article cover photo by Britt Olsen-Ecker


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