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Real diamonds within, SINGLE: GOLDRAIN – Atlantis

Goldrain – Atlantis is available at Bandcamp, Apple Music.

by Walter Price

How do you see yourself and are other’s opinions worth anything? For what its worth, whatever is on the surface are misinterpreted mysteries in most cases. If you add on the unfortunate pressure from media and social ‘norms’, you’ll get consumed by gnawing weirdness. So why fret, right? Well, you will and so does everyone ponder such unnecessary absurdities. And the recent single, “Atlantis”, from London’s sultry lounge outfit Goldrain explores this daunting phenomenon. This single is a unique, slightly off-kilter, song that utilizes jazzy vibes and bluesy vocals to deliver sentiments that’ll be familiar to those who internalize perceived self-worth.

Everyday I look for the same thing
Lost paradise, wonderful something else
Never enough again and again
I feel like I need to be perfect

Am I only worth that lipstick? Or perfume?
Will it ever clean my sorrow? Keep me in the land of youth?

I look in the mirror and I see Sunken city
Real diamonds within
What a discovery

With its 1970s neu-soul feel, this track is a refreshing number heavily buoyed by vocalist Barbs Dudek’s against-the-grain vocals and the indelible funky backing by Owen Smalley and Harry Moore. Like Jas Frank and Erykah Badu melded into a modern-day no-frills jazz-pop ensemble. It’s hip no hipster poetry encapsulated in atmospheric cool. The combination of stellar lyricism and masterful musicianship at this level is awe-inspiring.

You can stream this groove-heavy stunner as well as “Dragonfly”, now at the GTC. The band’s debut EP, ‘Mysteries’, is due this Fall.


Barbara Dudek: Vocals, Piano, Synth
Owen Smalley: Guitar, Bass
Harrison Moore: Drums, Percussion
Enya Sophya: Backing Vocals

Recorded at Impression Recordings
Recording engineers: Robbie Moore & Sam Vine

Band photo by Kyle Lemon


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Goldrain is a three-piece band from London, formed of Barbs Dudek on vocals and keys, Owen Smalley on guitars and Harry Moore on drums. Their music is an eerie hybrid of distinctive guitar riffs, alluring synths, and syncopated grooves.” – bio

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