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23. September 2020 By Walter Price 0

…make it if I can, HUMAN BARBIE – The Truth is Coming

Human Barbie – The Truth is Coming is available at Apple Music, Spotify.

by Walter Price

Life is a highway littered with triumph and failures. Losing one’s past self along the way is par for the course. How you choose to embrace or ignore these changes is going to vary vastly. And the recent single from Los Angeles’ Human Barbie [Christopher Leopold] is an examination of the ever-changing human condition. Especially the experiences of Hollywood artists and their drive for the elusive ‘big break’. Its a journey wrought with scars, fears, and perhaps, if you’re lucky, adulation.

This track is broken up into distinct chapters. The opening an airy silhouette that introduces the predicament. As the second, with its big guitar reminiscent of Roy Orbison’s famed style, acknowledges the fact that reality is setting in. Both parts recorded on tape, providing its atmospheric realism. Altogether, this song is akin to looking into a mirror and reporting the truths about what you’ve just witnessed.

And if you’re a fan of Fleet Foxes, Band of Horses, and/or Lord Huron, then add this one to your the-struggle-is-real playlist. And you can stream “The Truth is Coming” and watch its current life in LA film, filmed by Justin Possenti, now at Global Texan Chronicles.


Artist photo courtesy of Poor Man Records.

Christopher Leopold – Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Piano, Percussion
Matthew Brundrett – Drumkit
Angela Vicente Asato – Vocals, Percussion
Aura Bakker – Vocals
Sera Timms – Vocals
Jens Kuross – Vocals

Music Video
Starring: Ed Mattiuzzi as “Ed”
Filmed and edited by: Justin Possenti for Mildred House Films

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Bathed in the soft, glimmering textures of elegant vocals, chamber reverb and analog tape, Human Barbie, frontman, producer, and songwriter Christopher Leopold fully captured and mixed this collection of songs with 100% analog effects, reverb, and performance techniques. And through this entire painstaking and deliberate process, Human Barbie is a testament to slow and deleterious violence of beauty.” – bio

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