14. August 2013 By Walter Price 0

Glasvegas: Things Are Going On

Glasvegas find themselves with a new album coming out on September 2nd and the world rejoices once again. Or so the Scottish rock band with sometimes too sad for normal thought lyrics is thinking.

Later, When The TV Turns To Static” will be the bands 3rd studio release and the lead single is the uplifting “I’d Rather Be Dead (Than Be With You)”. 

Here’s what James Allan had to say about it all:

“When you think about night time and the TV’s static, I never think about anybody who’s got company, because if they’ve got company the TV wouldn’t be at static, somebody would change it. So there’s something that isn’t quite right. Something that’s not parallel, symmetrical, that’s out of balance, basically. There are a lot of those sentiments running through this record.”

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You can pre-order yourself a dandy copy HERE or catch the group as they trek across the UK and other European countries/cities.

For A Full Tour Schedule Click HERE!