The Ghost of Helags 12 June 2020
6. June 2020 By Walter Price 0

…the way you touch, SINGLE: THE GHOST OF HELAGS – Chemistry

The Ghost of Helags – Chemistry is available at Apple Music.

The Ghost of Helags

by Walter Price

“The song was written in January this year on a foggy late-night drive from Vienna to Prague. We didn’t meet many cars and it was a very dense fog so it felt a bit like driving through outer space.”, The Ghost of Helags’ Teresa Woischiski remembers their new single’s origins. “Chemistry” is a whispery dream-pop stunner poised to soundtrack shadowy memories. The way Woischiski slips in and out of the verses is mesmerizing on the verge of seductively addictive. As the arrangement has a new wave noir-ish undertone that can easily fill the background of faded moments. A slowburn song that’s every once sexy, cinematic, and ultimately, dreamy.


If your a fan of The Human League, NRVS LVRS and/or Beach House, then slide this one into your ethereal/dream pop playlist(s).


+ Under My Skin

Artist cover photo provided by Sonic PR

Teresa Woischiski
John Alexander Ericson

The Ghost of Helags

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“The Ghost of Helags are singer-songwriter and producer duo Teresa Woischiski and John Alexander Ericson. Hailing from Sweden and now located in Berlin, the pairing combine the dream-pop sounds of their Scandinavian roots with the electronic nuances inspired by their newfound home. ‘Chemistry’ follows on from New Music Friday-playlisted debut single ‘I Carry Your Heart’ and heavenly follow-ups ‘Autobahn Lullaby’ (a tribute to their Berlin home) and 2019’s ‘The Santa Rosa Song’.” – bio

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