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12. June 2019 By Walter Price 0

Felt like a movie scene: GET BACK VAL – “Love Me”

Get Back VAL – “Love Me” is available @ Apple Music.

by Walter Price

The opening verse of Get Back VAL’s “Love Me” establishes the cinematic retro-pop imagery that is woven throughout. The track starts off with a nod to Europe’s “The Final Countdown”, and then the nostalgia builds with thoughts of J. Geils Band, Heart and, vocally, moments of Michael Jackson.

She felt him like electric crush 
A rush of blood kinetic touch 
His power seemed to draw her in 
He wanted her, She wanted him 

While artists like Fire Tiger, Autogramm, Alli Neumann, and Holiday Sidewinder are all brilliantly making 80s-pop vibrancy new again, “Love Me” not only joins the movement nicely, it also brings an added LA technical production wizardry to the genre redux. With award-winning songwriter (and future Crash Tester at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory) Pete Hopkins behind the knobs, you immediately get the sense that this producer has a true affinity for rock-infused pop and its culture alike.

It felt just like a movie scene
Was he for real or fantasy
And come the morning would he be there?
She didn’t know, she didn’t care

This track is a bodacious sonic blast from the past, furthermore its a calling card for Hopkins’ studio artistry. If you’re a fan like I am, of those songs that soundtracked those fabled transformation movie montages and you’re digging the current retro-pop resurgence, you’ll find Get Back VAL’s “Love Me”, totally bitchin’.


Written by Pete Hopkins 
Produced by HopkinSound
Mixed and Mastered by Rob Burrell 
Vocals,Guitars, Bass and programming: Pete Hopkins 
Lead Guitar: Deakon Lekross 
Live Drums: Edoardo Tancredi

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