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Welcom to the crucific, SINGLE: THE YAWPERS “Earn Your Heaven” (Human Question LP)

The Yawpers – ‘Human Question’ is available @ Apple Music.


by Walter Price

Picture you this, Morphine, tweaked-out Elvis, and MC5 all smooshed together. The resulting concoction could easily be the powder-keg that is Denver’s critically-acclaimed The Yawpers. A band spitting out brazen rock n’ roll that, if you listen closely, has deep-seated thoughts. Not exactly malleable ‘you are my sunshine‘ storylines per se. Rather, this band often has something darker and personnel festering.

Take their recent single “Earn Your Heaven”. as a casual observer its difficult to pin down the actual anxieties this track is based. But the struggle is real and lyrics are brilliantly chaotic. Inner strife, a soul on the edge and Harry Connick Jr. Its all in there, in this analytic psychedelic-psychosis experience.

You’ve been the brick, but not the wall 
You’ve been the throat, but not the call
Put the gavel away
Pull the bucket from the well
Too soft to stand up straight, or douse an arid hell
Who but you good bear your name?
You earn your heaven here
Ladies and gentlemen, I wanna welcom to the crucific Mr. Harry Connick Jr.
You earn your heaven here

“Earn Your Heaven” is from the band’s latest album ‘Human Question’ available via Bloodshot Records. Check out the raucous live version of the track below.


Nate Cook – Jesse Parmet – Alex Koshak

VIDEO: Directed and edited by Aaron DelGrosso. Recorded and mixed at DayMoon Studios by Tyler Imbrogno.


Produced by The Yawpers
All songs; written and performed by The Yawpers
Engineered by Alex Hall
Album Layout & Design by Alexandre De Meyer
Album Photography by Anthony Nguyen


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