Tomas Juto
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Billy Momo Says: Can’t we all just get along?

Billy Momo #18 – Get along now at the GTC.

Tomas Juto

by Tomas Juto

aka Barba. Photo: Christopher Anderzon


I’ve always been fascinated by music scenes.

Seattle and grunge, New York and hip hop, L.A. and 80’s rock, Laurel Canyon and singer/songwriters, San Fransisco and the flower power scene and so on.

Those are all American of course. But England had Bristol and trip hop, Norway had black metal and Sweden’s Umeå had the hardcore scene in the 90’s with Refused and similar bands. I’ve never been a part of a scene like that. I think I would love it. I get super inspired when people I know get a break and make it big or make a super obscure but amazing album that gets good reviews in underground blogs or whatever. It pushes me to try harder at whatever I’m doing at the moment.

But these days it’s really hard to reach through the noise with your music. And whenever people manage to carve out a spot in the limelight for themselves they don’t want to share the space.

I can understand that ’cause I know how much work it takes to get ahead. I can see why people tend to be a bit defensive of their spot. But it’s still a drag. I’m not saying I’m not a part of the problem. I’m probably just the same as any other musician. I just wish that I could somehow change the attitude in the business to a more collective kind of focus. Let’s make something really cool, together. Even though we’re not in the same band or whatever. Let’s do a tour, a collaboration on a track, cameos in videos. Not because it’s a career move or looks good on the CV. Let’s do it ’cause we all love this thing. It’s fun!

Maybe by writing this, I can remind myself to be more open to it. And at least that’s a start, ey?

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