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GTC EXCLUSIVE: GEA Shares Five Powerful Albums [+ Despite, single]

GEA – Despite is available at Apple Music, Soundcloud & Spotify.

by GEA

I’m sharing with you the 5 albums that right now feel like the most powerful ones for my musical spirit. Today is a very special day in my region, the midsummer eve – the day that never ends because the sun doesn’t set. It is the day when we have the most people die by drowning, as well as the most babies being conceived. Birth and death are shaking hands under the nightless night. With these albums, I wish to radiate some of that magical midnight sun energy to you. There are some classics that you probably already know, but mostly hopefully new discoveries that will blow your mind as hard as they blew mine.



In July 2018 I went to see Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds here in Finland at a festival called Pori Jazz. I had quit my day job in May in order to focus on music. The warmest summer of history began that very day. I had been a fan for a long time, but it was the first time I saw them live. We don’t usually experience that kind of tropical heat in this region. And the sun doesn’t set. Nick Cave said on stage: “What’s with the light!!! How do the vampires survive?” Needless to say, that experience blew my mind. I came home after that concert and I wrote many of the songs on my upcoming album (Call for a Snake, Predefined, Sun Fights the Moon…) naked in my bedroom, surrounded by this unusual heat. My waters were still vibrating on their frequency, and my heart was bumping on the rhythm of the earth, sun, and moon. People who have heard the demos can feel that instantly. My favorite song on this album is “Rings of Saturn”. I take it as a feministic anthem, celebration, and admiration of the mystical feminine energy and intuition.



Oh did he blow my mind! After listening to his debut album I felt like all the music worth of making was done, and the rest of us can just go home. How can anyone be this amazing? His voice reaches such a wide spectrum and the music is an innovative blend of gospel influences combined with modern electronic production. The songwriting and Ben Christopher’s production is just phenomenal. Pure perfection. I contacted my producers and shared the album as a reference sound for all my future music. His story is also worth reading and taking in. My favorite song from the album is “Violent Measures”.



Sarah plays the harp in two songs on my previous EP Snow. I picked her and her gorgeous instrument up for the studio session and we became friends instantly. I was waiting eagerly for her debut album to be released. She released it as a handmade vegan chocolate album with the digital album download code and a picture from her home island.

I listened to it for the first time while walking in a forest. I started to cry instantly. This is how our nature sounds. How can she convert the beauty and the unique atmosphere of our forests into music? Put this album on, close your eyes and smell the forest flowers. You might want to stay there. My favorite song in this album is the first song “Alkuääni”.



I have known for a while that Jesse Markin won every possible award in Finland with his debut album. But I listened to his album properly only after watching his interview at Finnish Music Creators’ Association this week. It has been on rotation ever since. I got the same reaction as when listening to Nakhane’s debut album: all the music worth of making has been done now. Jesse has totally nailed the songwriting and sound. I love the jazz drums by Teppo Mäkynen on this urban hip hop / rap sound perfection album. You should listen to the whole album. “Treat” has been the biggest hit so far. It’s an amazing song, but my favorite is “Peel”.



I was in Reykjavik, Iceland filming a music video and wanted to see a local band. I knew nothing about her music before that evening. She had two pianos, horns and a drummer on stage. Maybe seven to ten people. There was an atmosphere of something big in the air. Her magical world welcomed and took me in instantly. I have been a fan ever since. I’m so happy that she exists and rewards us with one magical album after the other. She has a very unique voice and view to the music. In Iceland fairies, elves and gnomes are appreciated. So it is a promised land for me and my fairy tunes. You can hear that in her music too. “Pretty Face” is my favorite from this album.

GEA – Despite

Artist photo by Satu Mali, Costume Design: Anne-Mari Pahkala, Hair & Make-up: Satu Arvo

“Despite”, produced by Chris Birkett (Alison Moyet / Talking Heads) @ 2 Mounties Media Inc

Videography: Satu Mali
Costume design: Anne-Mari Pahkala
Hair & Make-up: Satu Arvo
Production assistants: Aatos Avonius & Greta Avonius
Graphic design:

Songwriting & Lyrics: GEA
Vocal recording: Oona Kapari
Mastering: Fred Kevorkian, Kevorkian Mastering, inc.


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Award-winning, internationally-renowned artist GEA toured three continents in the fall of 2019. In 2017, she earned Hollywood International Golden Film’s Award for “Best Editing” for her first self-produced music video. Her music has also been featured on Netflix. Yet, her boldest move is her latest album, Call For A Snake. It’s a stirring and soothing album that invites the listener on a spiritual adventure. The album was produced by Grammy and Juno award-winning producer Chris Birkett. Call For A Snake [June 12th via Fragity Records] will be preceded by the single “Despite.” – Public Display PR

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