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24. June 2020 By Walter Price 1

…beasts born blue, SINGLE: HEAVY HEAVY – A Deadly Bite

Heavy Heavy – A Deadly Bite is available at Bandcamp.

a deadly bite

by Walter Price

Purveyors of grungy desert rock and concerned citizens, Berlin’s Heavy Heavy, return with another explosive rocker, “A Deadly Bite”. Let me set the scene, imagine QOTSA and Soundgarden morphed into a sweaty flamingo rockin German underground band churning out social conscience tracks…with enough wink-and-a-smile to keep things chill-ish. Perfekt!

With that said, this new single is a song that is looking at past behaviors to see the shape of the future. And it just may have something in common with an Alejandro González Iñárritu classic, as the band explains, “It’s a song about big nasty animals and global warming. Imagine the Revenant, but instead of Leo DiCaprio, it’s just three regular guys, anxious about how their consumption choices will affect the chances of said big animals to survive…So probably not so much like the Revenant at all.”

No scent, we lost our track
Rubbing shoulders back to back
No teeth, but a deadly bite
Weak jaws will break tonight

These are the beasts born blue
This pack is their royal retinue
The cubs of sun and moon
Bear rules wolf rules karibou

You can check out “A Deadly Bite” and a classic Heavy Heavy track, below. And make sure you add both to your hard-hitting humanitarian summertime playlist.


Band photo by Stefanie Ren Photography

A Deadly Bite
Mixing – Cameron Gillette
Drums Recording – The Famous Golden Watch Studios

Chance – Bass & Vocals
Val – Guitar
Linus – Drums

Dead Weight and Broken Dreams
Recorded at The Famous Golden Watch studios
Mixed by Cameron Gillette
Mastered by Greg Abate

heavy heavy a deadly bite

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“Berlin’s Heavy Heavy formed in early 2019 by members from Ukraine, Finland, and the US. Inspired by bands like Royal Blood, All Them Witches, Highly Suspect, Death From Above, they set out to rediscover rock music, armed with gritty riffs and thunderous rhythms.” – bio

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