Floating Room Shima
21. September 2022 By Walter Price 0


Floating Room Shima EP is available on Bandcamp, Spotify, Tidal, Famous Class Records

Floating Room Shima

by Walter Price

Let’s rewind the clock just a bit, back to 2021 and the powderkeg EP ‘Shima” by Portland’s Floating Room. So much energy packed into just 4-tracks. Chockful of bedroom pop vibes and Riot grrrl attitude with plenty of self-reflection, nods to heritage (Uchinanchu), and childhood memories all wrapped in a smorgasbord of vocal dexterity that’ll pop speakers one moment and soothe the night skies at others (often only beats apart).

While producer extraordinaire Mo Troper clearly has a major hand in crafting this nearly hidden gem of an album, its vocalist/songwriter Maya Stoner who really makes this release shimmer and grind. Weighty and undoubtedly personal lyrics and, again, the way this performer moves effortlessly through varying levels of vitality really cements Stoner as a future cornerstone of cerebral rock-n-roll.

So, if you haven’t experienced this set before, take a break and go back a bit, and get lost in the fascinating world of Floating Room’s indelible “Shima”, here at the GTC.


Artist photo by Eirinn Lou Riggs // Shimanchu lyrics via Bandcamp

All songs written by Maya Stoner
Vocals & guitar by Maya Stoner
Guitar, bass, drums & vocals by Mo Troper
Produced by Mo Troper
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Ian Watts at the magic closet in Stayton, Oregon

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I’m an islander but I’m away from my
Island so I am the only island here

I keep on screaming and
you can tell me you hear me but
you don’t even know what I am
I cried on my birthday as
I described my pain but
no one there could understand
I’m an islander
my land’s been colonized
I’m an islander
I won’t be patronized
I’m Shimanchu

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