JD McPherson
28. March 2015 By Walter Price 0

Featured Artist JD McPherson

JD McPhersonby Walter Price


There is a certain kind of musician who truly recognizes and values the foundations of where all this Rock N’ Roll originated.

There really isn’t too much incorrect about the budding garage rockers who trade historic licks and somehow think they came up with it then and there. Education and the will to dig deeper will usually come as these younger musicians advance from their garages.

There is this well versed in the ghosts of sounds past cat from Oklahoma who is not just basking in the early genres, the Sun era and before, the days of Perkins, Orbison and early Elvis but he is resurrecting it again. Not in a special costume stitched up by a record label Svengali but from the heart of Rock N’ Roll.

This former school teacher who had a penchant for finding no dividing lines (allegedly) when it came to teaching his pupils varying degrees of hell yeah music (which in part cost him his job) is the real deal. He and his established band (Doug Corcoran, Jimmy Sutton, Ray Jacildo & Jason Smay) are the rhythm & blues, country, roadhouse, hayride and 12 bar cool rockers.

JD McPherson is The GTC Featured artists. Check out this new single “Bossy” from JD and crew from their fresh album Let The Good Times Roll (Rounder Records), indeed.


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