Eamonn Dowd
14. November 2014 By Walter Price 0

Featured Artist: Eamonn Dowd

Eamonn Dowd“If you like it, buy it. If you don’t like it, that’s ok too….its only Rock N’ Roll.” – Eamonn Dowd

Featured Artist: Eamonn Dowd

Eamonn Dowd, Chris Teusner, Les Keye


Sweden based Irish singer/songwriter Eamonn Dowd has been kicking out drink stained barroom folk based Rock N’ Roll for some years now with The Racketeers and most recently with his solo collection of from the gritty heart and soul of life collection Down A Hundred Crooked Roads (check the album sampler HERE).

An album J.P. Kallio recently noted, “This is an intense album, nine songs in just 23 minutes which proves how albums are not made for their length, but their content. From the first two tracks of the album “Five Star Soul” and “She Went Out Gallivanting” you feel like you are at a live show. Raunchy electric guitar and a straight forward beat, is like a freight train chucking along. Eamonn is a crafter when it comes to song writing. Songs like “Fiery Frank” are the kind of songs that showcases his storytelling abilities and the regular readers of my blog know I rate that highly in songwriters.”


Eamonn who’s appearance beckons mid 1970’s and his sounds provide genuine nitty-gritty nothing forced, honest, swagger laced, love, well worn experiences story telling laid out in garage rock and honky tonk songs and they resonate deeply. The further we dig into Dowd’s (and company) career the more apparent it became that we’ve been missing out. Missing out on a low-key yet stellar journey in music. Better late than never…

Check out these three videos from Dowd at various stages of his wish we would have known his sounds earlier career and becoming convinced that the real deal is Eamonn Dowd will come naturally. We’re just getting started with our admiration…


Eamonn Dowd: Facebook / Website / CDbaby

From album Mansions of Gold (2009) (Cannery Row Records)


Eamonn Dowd & The Racketeers – Woke Up Monday Morning (1999)


‘Everybody Wants A Good Deal’  from ‘Two-Way Mirror’ (2009) (Cheapskate Records)