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“I would say that it (Sol Invictus) really does go back to out roots, and [it’s] really gothic — it’s faith no more new albumreally sort of in the dark and there’s a lot of somber tones on it…” – Roddy Bottum


Go ahead, have a look and listen to Faith No More bring out a wild spine tingly thunderboom of a new track from their fresh album , first one since last century in the year 19 and 97, Sol Invictus (out 18 May Europe / 19 May USA via Reclamation).

Shot in Tokyo and you can’t help but notice Mike Patton donning a red handkerchief. This accessory has also poped up on the band’s Facebook spot. No real reason to point this out. Another interesting fact that we’ll mention is that e Sol Invictus alleged album cover resembles Star of Lakshmi…the band has been using it for some time so who knows what it all means at the end of the rock n’ roll day.

Yeah, the new track. Check it out.


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BONUS: “Motherfucker” from the new album…